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Building peace of mind through commercial IoT technology

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    Real-time monitoring means real world well-being

    Monetary setbacks and property loss caused by faulty equipment and water damage are some of the most aggravating yet preventable ways a business or organization spends its hard-earned resources. Risks relating to aging wiring and leaky cooling systems are ever-present in both new and older buildings. Even though these risks are recognizable and predictable, many still see them as ones to react to as opposed to prepare against.  

    Based in New Jersey, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Trenton is a religious administration organization, meaning they are responsible for (among other things) supporting the risk management needs of its member parishes, each of which maintain different buildings used for worship, education, dining, and housing. Managing the costs associated with heating and cooling equipment issues was proving to be costly; the Diocese was experiencing an average of almost half a million dollars in insurance claims from these types of issues each year, with deductibles of up to $2,000 per claim. This was a massive cost, a huge chunk of which was easily preventable. 

    Partnering to Provide 24/7 Monitoring

    To address this issue, the Diocese partnered with HSB Applied Technology Solutions to install monitoring equipment in parishes throughout the four counties covered by the Diocese of Trenton, recognizing that even with updated pipes and infrastructure, freezing temperatures and equipment issues can still cause damage. The organization had to turn to a solution that would prevent risks and recognize and potential danger.
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    Loss prevention is our biggest concern. The frozen and broken pipes this past winter cost us almost $800,000, nearly double our past 10-year average. Now with the sensor technology, we can often anticipate an issue and get it repaired before it causes costly damage.
    Joe Cahill
    Diocese of Trenton
    Director of Risk Management
    HSB installed sensor technology on pipes, walls, floors, and selected equipment to mitigate  risks, creating a comprehensive digital monitoring solution that warns Diocese of Trenton personnel of potential property perils before they happen. Site managers access HSB’s app to track real-time status of their campuses, and proprietary HSB algorithms trigger alerts via email, text, or phone call to act on any problems that may arise. Deployment and maintenance of the sensors is easy—batteries last for over three years and the entire system is supported by HSB’s equipment health system, so there is no need to constantly check in on different parts of the network. 

    HSB Alert Prevented $50,000 in Claims

    Each sensor sends data dozens of times a day. If a monitored area or pipe is not maintaining an appropriate reading such as relative temperature, an alert will be sent out to ensure the issue is addressed. The system is already working wonders for the Diocese, as a parish was able to save thousands of dollars’ worth of groceries when the sensor noticed a walk-in fridge was recording high temperatures. A water leak in a classroom was also detected before any real damage occurred, possibly saving upwards of $50,000 in insurance claims. Without a connected network of sensors, both of these instances might have resulted in significant property and equipment damage, plus financial loss for the Diocese and its parishes.

    Source: Trenton Monitor.com “Monitoring tech can warn facility managers before equipment breakdown

    The Future of Commercial Insurance

    Finding the right way to build an effective IoT program is difficult to do. That’s why we do it for you. Our turnkey solutions are applicable within any commercial business or organization. No matter the circumstance, we can find ways to reduce insurance claims, save money, and eliminate unscheduled downtime, resulting in stronger relationships with the customers you serve. Learn more about partnering with us, and how to bring IoT technology to your organization.