Commercial IoT

Leverage smart technology to protect property

The future of risk prevention is here. Partner with HSB Applied Technology Solutions to prevent loss, enable predictive maintenance, and create new risk solutions through our award-winning IoT sensor solutions for commercial properties everywhere.

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    Take an innovative approach to traditional perils

    The Internet of Things can be complex. We’re here to simplify it for insurance carriers and their policyholders.

    Combining insurance, engineering, and technology, HSB is leading the way to fewer claims and less severe losses from common property and equipment perils. 

    The numbers are alarming

    How much water and mold damage costs insurance companies each year
    Of ALL commercial property losses come from non-weather water damage
    The average water damage insurance claim cost in the U.S.

    Why Sensor Solutions by HSB™?

    Smart sensors are enabling exciting new insurance models and experiences — but not all smart sensors are created equal. Our flagship solution is truly smart by every definition of the word. Partners who commit to our IoT program can achieve payback in less than one year while benefiting from: 

    • Customized IoT program design
    • Leading edge technology
    • Proprietary alert algorithms (designed by HSB engineers) 
    • Actionable data and analytics
    • Diverse business models for investment
    Top 10 Clients
    Average ROI in 2021

    Creating a variety of breakthrough insurance and performance business models for our partners

    Technology-enabled risk mitigation looks like this

    Meet Sensor Solutions by HSB™, our smart sensor ecosystem is designed to alert insureds of risk in real time over a secured cloud. Our customized program equips you with everything you need to unlock the loss prevention power of IoT for 20+ business classes of all types and sizes.
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    Loss prevention is our biggest concern. The frozen and broken pipes this past winter cost us almost $800,000, nearly double our past 10-year average. Now with the sensor technology, we can often anticipate an issue and get it repaired before it causes costly damage.
    Joe Cahill
    Diocese of Trenton
    Director of Risk Management

    Let’s transform, together.

    Speak with a commercial IoT expert and tailor a smart sensor program to scale.
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