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HSB is partnering with leaders in industrial AI to provide customers with the best possible technical solutions and risk mitigation.

Our partners are creating innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions that, when applied to an industrial setting, can help predict machine failures and create greater efficiency in operations. HSB insures the AI and the business outcomes are delivered, allowing customers to deploy emerging technology with far less risk. HSB’s guarantees allow customers to place more trust in AI by providing a qualified endorsement of the technology, from sensor to gateway to edge and cloud-based AI processing of the data. Which means the end customer can take full advantage of the solutions created by our partners, and our partners can extend this guaranteed technology to more customers.

HSB's Artificial Intelligence Guarantees

HSB provides guarantees for artificial intelligence-based IoT products developed by our partners. We provide assurance that customers can trust AI products to monitor their equipment, detect anomalies before they become disasters, and improve overall efficiency, whether by reducing unplanned downtime or more effectively utilizing resources. 

But HSB is much more than simply an insurer of AI products. We truly believe in the AI we guarantee, going so far as to utilize the same AI technology within our own business.

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5 Benefits HSB Brings to an Insure Artificial Intelligence Partnership

  • We help to differentiate our partner’s AI technology from competitor products and offerings.
  • Our guarantee provides early adopters with the security needed to embrace AI.
  • We act as a third party to provide validation or an endorsement for the technology.
  • We reduce the liabilities recorded on the balance sheets of our partners by taking on the majority of the warranty.
  • We take on the majority of the administrative duties that come from the partnership, including managing the warranty claims.

Artificial Intelligence: Industry Use Cases

Insure Artificial Intelligence

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