IoT Solution for Municipalities
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IoT Solution for Municipalities

Protect municipal buildings and equipment against water leaks, frozen pipes, power outages, refrigeration failure, and mold and growth conditions.

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    Next Gen IoT Risk Prevention for Municipalities

    Public access to municipal buildings is critical. Water damage from freeze or spoiled perishable goods can interrupt the civic service of libraries, town halls, or other public buildings.  It is also not uncommon for municipal buildings to experience periods of time when no one is in the building. 

    Provide peace of mind for municipal staff knowing that their buildings are being monitored 24/7 even when no civic services are happening.  HSB Applied Technology Solutions' customized IoT solution for municipalities protect buildings and equipment against water leaks, freezing pipes, mold, and perishable goods spoilage.

    Municipal Building
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    A lot of our clients have older municipal buildings with older equipment and we wanted to reduce the risk of high-dollar claims due to water leaks. We partnered with HSB to deploy a turnkey IoT program and place sensors in high-risk areas to help monitor the buildings 24/7.
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    Peace of Mind with 24/7 IoT Monitoring

    Mitigating Leak & Freeze Damage

    HSB Applied Technology Solutions’ commercial grade IoT solution for municipalities provides peace of mind to municipal staff  through 24/7 monitoring, even when the building is closed. Cities and towns are able to reduce damage to property by mitigating water leaks and freezing pipes. With Sensor Solutions by HSB™ alerts are sent proactively to mitigate damages that traditional services cannot prevent.

    Preventing Fridge & Freezer Perils

    Installing sensor technology on fridge and freezers creates a comprehensive digital monitoring solution that warns municipal staff of potential equipment perils before they happen. Even though equipment breakdown risks are recognizable and predictable, many still see them as ones to react to as opposed to prepare against. With HSB's IoT solution, monetary setbacks by faulty equipment are easily preventable.

    Save Stories:

    Library Save
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    The sensors kept us alerted as to areas of the building that were experiencing excessive heat and humidity, conditions in which mold grows. In addition to making the building more comfortable for patrons and staff, the early alert prompted quick attention that helped save books, maps, and archived materials.
    Library Director

    End to End, Turnkey Solution Now Available

    Unlike other programs, Sensor Solutions by HSB provides a proven end to end, turnkey IoT solution that is tailored to each property. It is now available through municipal risk pools and property-casualty insurance companies that partner with HSB. The solution comes with an easy to use mobile app that allows municipal staff to check on property conditions in town hall, town offices, senior centers, libraries, schools, parks and recreation facilities and public safety buildings anytime, anywhere. 

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    Reduce claims and clearly understand organization environments through detailed insights collected and analyzed by real-time sensors. HSB Applied Technology Solutions’ engineering proficiency coupled with our proprietary sensor products and insurance experience recognizes impactful patterns in data and brings targeted commercial insurance IoT solutions to you through customizable turnkey programs.