IoT Solution for Offices
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IoT Solution for Offices

Protect office buildings and equipment against water leaks, frozen pipes, power outages, refrigeration failure, and mold and growth conditions.

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    Next Gen IoT Risk Prevention for Office Buildings

    Imagine walking into a business to find a pipe burst and caused water damage. It's not just the inconvenience to the policyholder of having to clean up the mess or submit a new claim. There could be damage to vital parts of the organization such as computer equipment, furniture, and records. Whether it's a single or multi-story office building, water damage from freeze or a broken pipe can interrupt business operations. 

    Provide peace of mind for property owners and management knowing that their buildings are being monitored 24/7 even when no operations are happening.  HSB Applied Technology Solutions' customized IoT solution for offices protect buildings and equipment against water leaks, freezing pipes, mold, and perishable goods spoilage.
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    Loss prevention is our biggest concern. The frozen and broken pipes this past winter cost us almost $800,000, nearly double our past 10-year average. Now with the sensor technology, we can often anticipate an issue and get it repaired before it causes costly damage.
    Director of Risk Management

    Peace of Mind with 24/7 IoT Monitoring

    Mitigating Leak & Freeze Damage

    HSB Applied Technology Solutions’ commercial grade IoT solution for municipalities provides peace-of-mind to property management through 24/7 monitoring, even when the office is closed. Companies are able to reduce damage to property and equipment by mitigating water leaks and freezing pipes. With Sensor Solutions by HSB™ alerts are sent proactively to mitigate damages that traditional services cannot prevent.

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    The sensor program gives me peace of mind knowing the building is monitored 24/7 when we are not onsite. Had it not been for the alert, we could have suffered major structural losses.
    Property Manager

    End to End, Turnkey Solution Now Available

    Unlike other programs, Sensor Solutions by HSB provides a proven end to end, turnkey IoT solution that is tailored to each property. It is now available through property-casualty insurance companies that partner with HSB. The solution comes with an easy to use mobile app that allows property management staff to check on office conditions in equipment or mechanical rooms, cafeterias, restrooms, and other parts of a building anytime, anywhere. 

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    Reduce claims and clearly understand organization environments through detailed insights collected and analyzed by real-time sensors. HSB Applied Technology Solutions’ engineering proficiency coupled with our proprietary sensor products and insurance experience recognizes impactful patterns in data and brings targeted commercial insurance IoT solutions to you through customizable turnkey programs.