Enabling customer success through technical partnerships

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    Using IoT to build better business opportunities

    There is an almost-infinite amount of ways communicative technology can improve how a business operates, whether it is through developing new products, improving monitoring techniques, or connecting with users in new personalized ways. In late 2018, HSB acquired relayr, a global industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company. Together, the two companies are ushering in a new era of risk mitigation driven by connected technologies. Relayr is a provider of customizable middleware and software solutions, gathering valuable data-driven insights from existing equipment and machines. By tapping into relayr’s expertise and deep ecosystem of IIoT products, businesses can shift from relying on and sinking resources into outdated technology and instead shift to an environment where offerings scale with available technology and adapt to changes in real-time. 

    HSB and relayr begin by asking what the target outcome is. Every company boasts unique requirements for success and every industry can benefit from widespread IoT adoption. By working together and leveraging technological prowess with years of expertise, HSB and relayr enable the digital transformation journey at any point. 

    The most exciting aspect about working with innovative new technologies is that there is no limit to where a business will find success within an evolving connected environment. One of the most impressive examples is HSB and relayr’s work in the elevator maintenance world. Relayr designed and implemented an entire ecosystem for a massive elevator manufacturer, and by integrating communicative IoT solutions, that service provider was able to discover and utilize new data insights previously unknown.

    Revenue Increase
    Creating new sources of revenue from existing services is the holy grail for businesses and manufacturers. Relayr can cut service costs and create new data-backed profit opportunities through connected IoT technology, increasing total revenue upwards of 12%.

    Details make all the difference when it comes to delivering industry-leading solutions, proven through relayr’s application in elevator maintenance. Sensors customized by in-house relayr engineers measure vibration, atmospheric pressure, light levels, humidity, and more within an elevator, bringing together over a dozen statistics to create the optimal environment for operation. With these insights, engineers can predict downtime and schedule maintenance, keeping the elevators running smoothly while building loyalty with customers.

    Relayr is pushing the boundaries of IoT success within the industrial landscape, and together with HSB Applied Technology Solutions, they can now construct customizable solutions backed by the financial assurance 150 years of risk mitigation experience brings. Through efforts in cost reduction, energy efficiency, quality improvement, and even business model updates, HSB Applied Technology Solutions and relayr work together to deliver best-in-class technology solutions applicable to legacy offerings as well as newly-launched journeys into digital transformation. 

    Using data to create new revenue streams and reduce downtime. That’s HSB and relayr.

    Finding the right partners to work with can be difficult. That’s why we do it for you. Relayr is one of the largest and most effective IIoT monitoring companies in the world, and together with HSB, we can deliver their customizable solutions to more customers than ever before. Learn more about partnering with us, and how to bring relayr’s diverse range of connected products to your customers.