A powerful leak and freeze monitoring system

Put an early warning system in place and help your homeowners safeguard their property from loss due to water leaks, temperature changes, and frozen pipes using HSB’s Cellular Leak and Freeze sensor.

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    When customers aren’t home, who keeps an eye on their property? Even when they are home, freezing temperatures and water leaks can cause major damage, forcing costly repairs and claims. Sensor Solutions by HSB™ offers an innovative approach to reducing risk by detecting frozen pipes and water intrusion early on.

    Detect risks before they're a problem

    While you may think that flooding due to weather events is the cause of most water damage to homes, its actually interior water leaks and damage that cost insurance companies more.
    1 in 50
    Homes has a property damage claim caused by water or freeze each year
    Average home insurance claim for water damage in the U.S.
    Homeowner’s insurances losses of non-weather water damage per year

    Partnering with HSB is good for business

    Our cellular leak freeze solution is designed to alert insureds of risk in real time over a secured cloud. Our customized program equips you with everything you need to unlock the loss prevention power of IoT for your homeowner's insurance policyholders: 

    Targeted application for maximum protection

    Sensors are placed in areas that are common to water loss and freeze exposure such as: 

    • Bathroom, kitchen or utility room
    • Under a sink, behind a toilet
    • Next to boiler, water heater, or sump pump
    • In a temperature-controlled basement near a pipe
    • In a temperature-controlled room where freezing or high heat conditions are of concern
    Leak Freeze sensors in Home
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    The sensors monitor for water leaks and changes in temperature, and then send an alert to the homeowner when an issue is detected.  
    How Leak Freeze Sensors Work
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    Our water tank sprung a leak when we weren’t home. The sensor sent an alert to my phone and we were able to get the tank repaired. The sensor worked great and helped minimize the damage since it was caught early.
    Byfield, MA

    Learn more about offering HSB's Leak and Freeze solution

    Sensor Solutions by HSB™ have been successfully incorporated into homes and apartment buildings—saving property owners millions of dollars in losses averted from freeze and water damage. Get in touch today about how you can connect and protect your customer’s home from potential water and freeze damage.  
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