What You Can't See
Can Hurt You

Until now, smoke alarms were the only fire detection device for the home. Fast forward to Ting, a new monitoring service leveraging patented technology to warn homeowners before electrical fires start.

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    Electrical systems in many homes harbor the risk of devastating electrical fires which, until now, have been difficult to detect and prevent. 

    Detect electrical fire hazards before they're a problem

    Plugged in and online, Ting’s round-the-clock monitoring can help prevent catastrophes and offer your homeowner's insurance policyholders peace of mind. 
    Electrical fires occur annually in the United States
    Serious injuries and over 500 deaths occur annually due to fires
    Homeowner’s insurances losses of electrical fires per year
    Statistical Source: NFPA - Home Structure Fires

    Partnering for Peace of Mind

    HSB Applied Technology Solutions has partnered with Whisker Labs to bring you Ting, the most significant fire safety innovation since the smoke alarm. The Ting smart sensor monitors the home's electrical system 24/7 and can detect very early indicators of electrical fires, helping to prevent them before they start. Your customized program equips you with everything you need to unlock the loss prevention power of IoT for your homeowner's insurance policyholders:

    How Ting Works

    Ting smartly detects precursors to electrical fires before these faults have a chance to grow into a fire. A simple plug-in sensor covers the entire home. Ting sees electromagnetic pulses from any system or device interconnected with the main power panel, including tiny arcing that evolve into large arcing and electrical fires. All while plugged into a single outlet on any circuit.