An Integrated Solution to a Hidden Menace
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An integrated solution to a hidden menace

A smart sensor, mobile app, secure cloud-based platform, and 24/7 multi-channel support to address hazardous conditions before they turn into disasters. With a $1,000 lifetime service credit included, when Ting detects a fire hazard, it helps connect the homeowner to a licensed electrician who will find and fix it.

Meet Ting

DIY Smart Sensor

Ting is advanced technology that identifies the unique signals generated by tiny electrical arcs, the precursors to imminent fire risks. Out of the box and online in minutes, Ting pairs with the user’s Wi-Fi to start monitoring the home immediately.

Continuous Hazard Detection

Ting monitors fluctuations in a home’s electrical current 24/7. It’s able to detect electrical “signatures” that are consistent with normal functioning and usage, even to the level of being able to identify individual home systems. When Ting notices something abnormal, the homeowner is alerted.  Ting is new technology that acts as a "virtual watchdog" monitoring the entire home for electrical hazards that may be lurking behind walls.
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We are so grateful that we purchased the Ting Service. It has repaid us many times over and protected our family and home from what could have been a horrible fire. This is amazing technology. We would recommend Ting to anyone what would like peace of mind knowing that Ting is watching over their home’s electrical system.
Ting Customer
Alexandria, VA
Save: $439,000

The Ting Service

Simple Setup

Out of the box and online in minutes.  Ting is an easy, DIY setup.  All you need to do is download the Ting app, plug the Ting sensor in, and follow the easy setup instructions.  Home monitoring starts immediately.

Sensing 24/7

Ting is a smart plug that powers the monitoring service. One Ting can typically cover the entire home.  Paired to the home’s Wi-Fi network, Ting captures data 30 million times a second and can detect unusual signals that could be early signals of electrical fires.

Smart Alerts

If Ting notices something abnormal, the user will be alerted.  Power quality, internet, severe weather and HVAC performance issue alerts are sent via text and email.  More severe electrical fire conditions are handled by a phone call.

Service Credit

If an electrical fire hazard is detected, the Ting service team will reach out to the homeowner to establish a plan of action.  A local, licensed electrician may be dispatched to find and fix the issue, and the homeowner will receive a service credit covering repairs up to $1,000.

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I was contacted by Ting engineers and informed of an electrical hazard involving water. With their help, I was able to isolate the hazard. The problem was fixed and the hazard was resolved. I am very impressed with this technology and commend Ting in detecting and notifying me of this hazard. I urge any reader to consider adding this layer of fire prevention to protect yourself and your family.
Ting Customer
Spring Branch, TX
Save: $460,000

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